Who are we?

Hello, we're Motor2U

We help you with choosing and buying your next car while making the process easy and enjoyable. Over the years we have noticed that the car buying experience in Malaysia can be quite painful and very time-consuming. The Motor2U founding team decided to do something about this and address the pain points that make everybody lose so much time and money. With independent reviews, that we make in-house, you get unbiased information on each car that's available in Malaysia. We also added expert video reviews that we believe cover the essence objectively. so you hear the good and less good things there are to know. As a result, you will be a well-informed customer who's no longer at the mercy of unscrupulous sales agents that are out for a quick sale rather than ensuring you get what you really want, at a price that’s right for you. Furthermore, we ensure you get to talk to the right sales agents...the ones that know their business, bring you that great buyer experience and can answer you truthfully about the car you want to buy.

In short, with Motor2U, we help you:

Choose your perfect car with the help of impartial reviews and expert videos

Compare offers based on price and location – no need to haggle, no hidden costs

•Get the dealer’s best price upfront

•Get in touch with the competent Sales Agents 

Buy direct from the Sales Agent you prefer – they'll deliver if needed

Feel 100% looked after throughout the buying process – with full warranty and aftersales care

We hope you enjoy starting your next car-buying journey with us and hope our work will help you on the journey towards your next car... If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us. 


Dr Ng Kee Aun & Sir John Madejski: Friends and co-founders of Motor Trader Malaysia which was sold to Proto Japan in 2011. Both are owners of current and future classic cars which in their opinion are more fun to drive and also don’t depreciate anymore! You’ll find them talking about the good old days most of the time…when driving a sporty car still required mastering the heel and toe technique! Although in all fairness, Doc's also very able with a PDK.
These days Doc is very much involved in the marketing and video productions of motormodz. For the latter, we got him the DJI Gimbal Osmo 2 and he's now quite a pro with that nifty tool (or should we say toy?), enjoying making video's including some on the story page in our website. Check them out!


Michael: Joined Doc and Sir John as a partner early on the motormodz adventure, from which Motor2U was born in 2019. Having bought some cars new in Malaysia, Mike learned first hand how painful the process can be. When you know something about cars, it becomes obvious very quickly that the average sales agent has little knowledge of his products and you risk therefore wasting precious time. And perhaps even buying the wrong car!

Furthermore, sometimes you get appaling service and this can make you turn away from a brand and that's a shame as there may be deals for the take. Doc felt the same way and that's how we came about setting up Motor2U. 


Sheik Irfan: Has been there also from the early days and is focussed on the websites of both motormodz and motor2u. Building is one, maintaining and updating is another! So Irfan is continuously updating functionality and other features to provide you with a better user experience.

In addition, Irfan is famous for his excellent Biryani, which his mother taught him how to cook. So if you need any advice in that field, he's also your man! 

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