Test Drive - Terms and Conditions

Test Drive - Terms and Conditions

Motor2u is arranging test drives for a particular car at dealerships that have partnered with motor2u for this occasion.

By accepting these terms, you acknowledge motor2u, motormodz snd bhd nor the dealership, or their employees, are liable to you for any damage or loss of property or life, or otherwise.

You participate in the test drive on your own free will and you bear all responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or property of the dealership where the event takes place.

You confirm being a legal resident of Malaysia and to be in possession of a valid driver's license.

When presenting yourself at the test drive event, you shall be legally capable of driving the car safely. Furthermore, you commit to adhering to the rules and regulations on the road. If a traffic violation takes place, you will bear the consequences and indemnify motor2u, motormodz or the dealership, and their employees, for any liability arising out of your actions.

How to get the Touch & Go card

If applicable for the test drive event

We have kept it very simple! see the points below how you can qualify for one of the free Touch & Go cards:

  • You need to register your interest for the Test Drive of the Proton X50 on the www.motor2u.com website by clicking on the following link: https://www.motor2u.com/car/proton/x50?promo=yes which can also be accessed through the "Test Drive Proton X50" button on the home page, or any of the advertisements of the promotion throughout the motor2u website or other marketing locations like Facebook, Google or Instagram.
  • You will need to complete the test drive on the date and location that will be advised to you once these are known. The tentative date is on a Saturday or Sunday before the end of October 2020 and location will be at a large Proton dealer in the greater KL area.
  • The first 20 of the registrants that complete the Test Drive and place a booking for the Proton X50 on the same day are eligible for the free Touch & Go card with RM50 credit.
  • The free Touch & Go card will be handed to the eligible winners following the placement of the booking.

All rights to make changes or deviate from the above are reserved to Motormodz Sdn. Bhd. and any decision taken by motormodz representatives at the Proton event referred to in this promotion will be final.

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