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Have you ever wandered whether the car you have was the right one to buy? Or have you had seond thoughts? Don't worry, you're not alone. Plenty people have the same experience. Being busy and relying on friend's advice or a smooth talking car sales man for your second largest investment after buying a house! We can help you do better and save you money and time!

Take a look at our impartial reviews and guides (all written by our knowledgeable in-house or associated car experts), or watch popular video reviews. When you have narrowed down your selection of cars you like, just press the "contact me" button under your selected model, deal or preferred sales advisor, or save it to your own page for later when you're ready to go the next step (press on the little heart above the review text to add the car to your favourites).

How it works, or click on video

The contact between you and the sales advisor is usually established via a Whatsapp message. This allows you to communicate directly with the sales advisor. Note we select the sales advisors on their knowledge and way of working to ensure you always have an excellent buying experience. By doing this we help you save time and money.

For clarity, motor2u is not involved in the actual sales process between you and the dealership of the sales advisor. We also do not get any commission on the sale to you! We just make sure you get an excellent buying experience and all that at no cost!

For your own protection, please ensure any payments you make are to either the dealership bank account or online on motor2u (in case of booking fee).

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