Concierge Service

What's the Concierge Service? And who is it for?

In short, the "Concierge Service" is a free service provided by motor2u where we help you save time and money when buying a new car.

How do we do that? Well, it's actually quite simple. After you asked for our service and provided us with some minor information, we contact you to get the process started.

When you know what you want, we will find that car through our large dealer network in Malaysia so you get the right car at the best price, guaranteed! So no more walking in and out of various showrooms. We know what cars the main dealers have available, so can quickly find the exact one you're looking for, at no charge!

Alternatively, in case you have not yet made up your mind, we can suggest you some great offers based on your needs and requirements. There may be a car that fits your requirement available from a dealer in Johor, or Kedah, you'd otherwise never visit. We know our stuff, so why not let us help you save money?

The info we ask

In 3 simple steps we gather the basics from what you need. These steps are:


Your Budget

Simply slide the end of the range to numbers you're confortable with. The important one is the right end of the slide. This will ensure we look at cars for you in the right price range.


Type of car

The choices are kept simple. As a result, we provide you with 4 basic typce of cars to get started. We will later contact you for more details and to fully undertand your needs. The advantage is that we are then able to propose cars you had not thought of before. We know of many deals out there, so you will be saving money, guaranteed!


Number of Seats

This will help to establish the basic picture of your needs and allow us to start the search for your new car. The 2 seats choice is an easy one, though whether you need 7 or more seats is less straight forard. For family trips, with kids, the maid and some luggage, this is the way to go. Nevertheless, we will find you that car if that's what you need! Guaranteed!

And that's it! Off we go to find you that great deal and all that free of charge! We all have an interest in making sure you get the car you need at the right price for you and we are there to help you in that process.

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