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The Swedes earned their reputation for safety a long time with some iconic cars going back to the 60ties..who doesn't remember the iconic P1800 or the superbly strong Amazon? Quite some of these jewels still drive around in Malaysia, proving that quality can stand the test of time in our tropical conditions.

Since the boys and girls from Geely are in support of the Swedes, the Volvo brand has made some major steps forward and can comfortably compete with its German rivals. Even more so, the models currently coming out of the factory are each capable of taking on their rivals on their own turf too. In mainland Europe, the XC-60, in particular, is doing very well and for good reason.

We like very much that Volvo still keeps safety as their main focus and all models come with the complete package available in their series, so you don't pay extra for a specific model just to have more safety features. That's an excellent philosophy that few if any of the other brands practice.

Volvo in the past had this image of being a grandpa car, and it will take time to get over that, though we believe that with the current line-up, our Swedish friends are quickly on their way to become cool! Take the XC-40 for instance. A beautify car that's not only very safe, but also powerful and just gorgeous looking.

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