Porsche - 992 Carrera

Strengths: Powerful, comfortable, bang up-to-date interior/exterior, the complete all-round sports car

Weakness: Getting expensive, still looks like every other 911 and a little anonymous now when compared to the Italian supercars. p>

Our view: Porsche’s brand new 911 is now available for sale as the new 992 Carrera S. Sporting smaller 3.0 litre twin turbo engines, the cars are faster and more powerful and yet cheaper to run with better fuel consumption and road tax costs. You can recognize these new models with the new rear lighting strip which runs the whole way across the back now. Also standard is the desirable wide rear body shape which just emphasizes the classic 911 even more. The interior is has been simplified with a huge central touchscreen housing all the latest audio and technology including Apple Carplay. Shame that the gearchange lever is now a stubby little paddle switch though. The new 992 is all the car that we will ever need at home with everyday driving as well as going to the track or and especially long distance driving that this car will excel in.

Which model to go for?

Watch this video from Roman’s International in the UK to see which optional extras are the most important to go for. Just a note that over there, their colour choices are quite conservative ie blacks, greys and silvers, in Malaysia, we tend to be more adventurous with our colour choices eg yellows, reds, whites. Personally, we love the Aventurine Green…

Sharp intake of breath, the price for the new 992 Carrera S is RM1,150,000 before options. For that, you get 450bhp and 530Nm of torque which gives the car a top speed of 308kmh and a 0-100kmh of only 3.5 secs if you specify the optional Sport Chrono pack. These are pretty mega performance numbers that are as fast as the previous generation GT cars from Porsche.

The 992 is even more of an all-rounder than the previous Carreras which means it does the every stuff with more comfort and efficiency, can hit the track even faster and do the long-distance driving as well as any other premium car. All this with the incredible build quality and luxury that Porsche is famous for. As in the famous words of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, “Porsche, there is no substitute”.

Anything you need to know?

The Porsche 911 Carrera S 992 is the ultimate sensible supercar. Its versatility can’t be understated and you will find it hard to drive other cars once you’ve got used to the power, comfort and convenience at your disposal when you own one of these. Yes, the new asking price is pretty high these days but the feelgood factor of ownership is unmistakable. If you are allowed to treat yourself one day, just go and order one to your personal specification now.

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