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Strengths: Divine handling, power and response. Perfectly-sized package and surprisingly practical. Able to mix it on track as well as on the highway. Good resale values.

Weakness: Porsche die-hards still resist because it’s not a 911 but they’re missing out on a delicious all-round sports car package. Options can get expensive but a good spec is a must. Turbo four engine doesn’t sound as sexy as old six-cylinders but it’s good enough.

Our view: The complete sports car. Porsche’s entry-level mid-engine marvel mixes perfect handling, great power and flexibility from the new turbo flat-four engines together with luxury car levels of interior finish and daily useability. You’ll have more fun in this compared to mega-priced hypercars.

Top Gear’s Chris Harris takes the latest 718 Cayman S around the Top Gear track. He brings along the previous generation Cayman S 981 six-cylinder car for comparison and yes, while the new car is better in most ways, it doesn’t quite have the sound of the old engine.

The 718 Cayman, launched in 2016, remains one of the best-handling cars you can buy. With the mid-engine configuration and fixed roof as opposed to the convertible roof of the 718 Boxster, you get coupe-levels of security and safety in a fast and uniquely Porsche sports car.

The base 2.0 car starts at RM540k and you’ll have to fork out RM680k for the extra 50bhp of the 2.5 Cayman S. That’s RM40k and RM60k more for the Cayman compared to the Boxster for the equivalent models. You’ll also need to add options which are likely to add RM100k to the sticker price. As with the convertible, the 2.0 base model is really all you need with the 300bhp and 380Nm of torque giving you a 0-100kmh time of only 4.7 secs and a top speed of 278kmh. The 2.5 Turbo of the Cayman S is even more rapid with a 0-100kmh of 4.2secs and a top speed of 285kmh from it’s 350bhp and 420N of torque.

The big difference and, in our opinion, an advantage over the previous engines is that the torque or pulling power of the turbo cars is much better low-down which gives the driver more flexibility in moving around at low revs which translates into faster acceleration and lower fuel consumption. Indeed you can even get a combined fuel consumption of around 12km per litre in the 2.0 car which is very impressive considering the performance on offer. You also get to pay road tax for only 2.0 and 2.5 litre engines.

Inside, both 718 Caymans have subtly improved and modernised interiors. The quality of the materials used is top notch and build quality is just fantastic. We have known even 10 year old Porsches that feel-like-new if looked after properly. The new improved infotainment system gets standard Apple CarPlay but no Android Auto sadly. The multi-function steering wheel with the brand new drive mode toggle with 20secs of power boost button in the middle is just exhilarating to use. Steering feel and chassis balance is just perfect whichever model you choose and the brakes are Porsche-fabulous even in standard form.

You could easily daily drive the 718 Cayman such is the comfort and practicality. There are two generous boots in the front and at the rear behind the mid-mounted engine and you’ll be surprised how much you can pack in. Your only problem will be keeping the miles down such is the temptation on offer.

Best Sportscar

The 718 Cayman and Cayman S are great sports cars. Yes, the sometimes maligned turbo flat-four engines have come in for some character criticisms but it’s only when you compare them to the sounds of the previous 981 six-cylinders which pretty much sound better than any other sports car around including much pricier exotica. If you want to be able to chase after any other Ferrari or Lambo around in real world conditions, then go for the Cayman S but we think the standard 718 Cayman 2.0 is perfectly proportioned in all ways.

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