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Get your baguette and goat cheese, and take the long way home! Peugeot has radically upped its game with the release of the 3008 and the 5008. Nice designs and an emphasis on customer satisfaction need to put the brand back where it belongs in the hierarchy. These cars are fun and roomy enough to take the family for a nice drive and picnic at a waterfall.

Also worth mentioning is the equipment list that's on the standard models. You get good value for money here and we suggest you have a look at the 2 models brought in. Both are priced in the same range, though cater to different needs. Have a look and contact the friendly sales agents further below to find out more!

With the RMCO in place, Peugeot is helping out by offering some great savings on their new cars. Why not contact a sales agent to find out more today?

If you don’t see the car you want, click here and we’ll find it for you.

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