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Who doesn't know the iconic Mini that was first launched in 1959, more than 60 years ago! The car symbolises British pop culture of the sixties and featured in many films and series, including to much fun by Mr Bean. It was also successful in rallies and other categories and a large number of enthusiasts in Malaysia is keeping their precious mini's in great shape so we can still see them in great numbers on our roads. That also says something about the quality of these cars!

BMW took control of Mini in the '90s and introduced the current version in 2000. The "new" Mini immediately captured the hearts and minds of anybody with a driver's license and hasn't changed much since then with the exception of the Countryman variants. The current line-up has something for everybody, so for you too! Go and try one out today! Contact any of the friendly sales agents further below to arrange a test drive in any of the Mini's. We're convinced you'll look great in all of them!

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2017 Mini Cooper S Convertible
You Save RM82,800
RRP RM272,688

2021 Mini Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk Edition

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