Mercedes-Benz - CLA Coupé

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In the meantime, have a look at the videos hereunder. Autobuzz goes through the CLA and also shows us the A45 which is very similar and has the same engine. The second video compares the CLA with its previous version and has some nice driving shots. Arguably, the new CLA sounds a little less agressive with its more subdued exhaust, but let that not fool you! The car is very quick. Enjoy!

The CLA is clearly tailored to a niche within a niche market. Nevertheless, we feel the car has the potential to please quite a number of people. For instance, it has the capabilites (nearly) of the A45 S whereas it looks more friendly and less agressive. You can arrive at your parents in law in this car without them thinking you're one of those mat rempit. That is of course till they join you for a ride! Also, the fact the CLA has a proper trunk also makes it more practical than the A45.

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