Mercedes-Benz - C-Class

Strengths: Bang-up-to-date interior with touchscreens everywhere and all the space you need. Updated sharp exteriors give it the more of the baby S-Class look than ever

Weakness: Only four-cylinder engines now all with mild hybrid technology. Despite retaining rear-wheel drive, it looks like the middle child between an A-Class and S-Class saloons.

Our view: The new W206 C-Class should be available to us by Q4 this year in CBU version, with the CKD coming early 2022. The C-Class will take on the 2019 BMW 3-Series, it’s biggest rival. A little late to the party and surprisingly the first C-Class with the Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX), especially nice as it’s the second generation version used here. The car will be a resounding success just because it’s a baby S-class. Nothing much else need be said.

Two steps forward, one step back

Whilst the new generation 2021 C-Class had its worldwide launch digitally last February and will be available in the EU this June, we still have to wait some time till October or so...

The W206 new C-Class looks quite similar to the old model despite being slightly bigger in every dimension. The easiest way to distinguish the new car is by the slimmer front and rear lights which mimic those of the new S-Class and also the A-Class saloon.

The real wow factor comes when you step inside the car and are faced with the latest Mercedes interior as premiered on the S-Class. There’s a new dashboard design with full digital display in front of the driver, new square air vents at the top of the central dash and below it a huge Tesla-like portrait orientation touchscreen. This starts at 9.5 inches and can go up to 11.9 inches. These touchscreens control most of the interior functions including climate control, entertainment including music streaming and automatic updates, navigation and the latest Hey Mercedes voice control system. The screen colours can also be customized and coordinated with the interior lighting which puts the current model’s interiors to shame.

However, gone will be all the creamy six-cylinder engines and the whole C-Class range including the performance cars, will have four-cylinder engines. All will be equipped with mild hybrid assistance and there are some planned plug-in hybrids too. We’re pleased that the diesel engines continue with the C220d and C300d but disappointingly these are not coming our way. All engines shouldn’t be short of power as evidenced in the A-Class performance engines in the A45s but we suspect with some loss of character and sonic prowess.

Should I wait for the new C-Class?

The compact executive segment is a very competitive one. With these cars steadily creeping up in size, you will probably find that these are all the car that a person needs. Despite the current obsession with SUVs, we anticipate that the new C-Class saloon will be worth waiting for and a great drive to enjoy. When any one of us can get hold of one, we’ll make sure to update you

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