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The British marque, known for its race pedigree, has only started making road cars since 1992 when it produced the McLaren F1. We needed to wait till 2010 for production to be revitalised and ramped up to some serious contenders for supercar of the year. McLaren is true to its legendary founder Bruce, the New Zeelander who created the brand in 1963 and focussed entirely on designing and building race cars, with a clear focus on F1 in particular. Famous drivers to that won races for McLaren and more include James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and the still racing Lewis Hamilton. 

Luckily we have our own McLaren showroom in Glenmarie KL and you can see and try the cars there. Pricing as shown for the models hereunder are Langkawi prices and hence do not yet include taxes or duties....


McLaren - Kuala Lumpur
McLaren - Kuala Lumpur

Selangor - Glenmarie

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