Lotus - Emira

Strengths: Very fun to drive, can rival a Porsche Cayman GT4 and 2 engines to choose from

Weakness: Yet to see in the flesh so difficult to say now, no manual for the 2.0

Our view: With the Emira, Geely's takeover some years back is finally becoming visible apart from some glimpses of the Evija, the fully electric supercar that has yet to be delivered. So when news came out of the Emira launch in early July, all car enthusiasts naturally paid attention. And we have not been disappointed, to say the least. The Emira not just looks awesome, it drives quite well too, despite its higher than expected weight. So at first glance, the new Lotus has all the marks of being a bullseye hit for the boys and girls from Hethel. With the hundreds of interest forms received by Lotus dealers around the globe, we are not the only ones thinking this…. Its arrival in Malaysia is expected by the end of September 2022, so that’s quite the wait… but we can’t help but start drooling already!

Heavy? or not?

The first thing people noticed was the weight of the car (listed at about 1,400kg) though, unlike some other sports car brands, Lotus actually provided the weight of the car in a format that includes the driver and some luggage. So, to make sure we compare apples and the likes, we need to subtract as a minimum the driver (70kg), which leads to a DIN weight of 1,330Kg…and this is the same as an Evora. And that car, despite its old chassis, was a beast to drive, in particular, the Sport 410, which to be fair was a touch lighter. So without having set a foot in the Emira, we can probably discard the weight issue. Also, a Porsche Cayman is of similar weight too.

Videos better than words…

Jenson Button and our TopGear friends take the Emira for a spin. Though Jensen is far from an impartial test driver, since he’s a Lotus Ambassador, you still get a feel for how the car moves about.

What engine to choose?

Lotus give us the option to go for the familiar Toyota sourced V6 that’s also found in the current Exige and Evora, but now also offer an AMG sourced 4 inline turbo. The same engine as is nested in the A45 and similar cars, albeit there it’s located in the front and in the Emira its in the middle, driving the rear axle (through a new LSD). . As a result, Lotus had to come up with a new air intake system and exhaust to suit the character of the mid-engine set-up. We hope to find out soon whether they managed.

Both engines produced about the same power which Lotus indicated is in a range of 360 to 400hp. It is fair to assume the Emira with AMG engine is going to be a bit lighter than the V6. Furthermore, Gavan Kershaw, director of vehicle attributes in Lotus, highlighted, “The 2.0-litre is the world’s most powerful production in-line four-cylinder unit mated to AMG’s acclaimed DCT with paddle shifts and driving modes. It’s high-performance, hugely efficient thanks to cutting-edge technology, and delivers low emissions and linear performance. On top of all that, it’s been tuned in-house by the hugely experienced Hethel engineers to deliver that distinctive Lotus experience"...This sounds good.

We’d opt for the 2.0 litre and not just because it is more modern technology. With power and toque likely being in the same ballpark, it is worth mentioning that road tax and fuel costs will be quite a bit lower in the AMG set-up, so for us in Malaysia, just the savings on road tax pay formal your fuel!

Anything you need to know?

Have a look at the multimedia centre console touch screen…it may look familiar to the one found in the higher-spec Proton X50’s..

From prices have been annoyed for the UK, being around GBP60k, considering this is about a quarter of what you need to spend on an Italian F8, we’d say Lotus has made a great move on the Emira and should be able to sell a lot more than the envisioned 5,000 until a year they plan on building.

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