KIA - Sorento

Strengths: RM179k gets you a big SUV with 3-rows of seats. 2.2 turbodiesels are powerful and economical to run esp with the 8-speed autobox. Surprising refinement even with the oil-burner engine.

Weakness: Not too much to complain about as you’re getting a real 4WD SUV spacious and comfortable enough to do the everyday school runs as well as long-distance travelling.

Our view: The latest 2019 Sorrento is great value for money with 200PS and 440Nm driving all four wheels giving you a Porsche Cayenne/VW Touareg size SUV for Honda CRV money. The improvements to the interior with better ICE and leather seats just about bring the car up-to-date. With Kia stopping local assembly of this big SUV, you’ll need to move fast to get one of the last few units left on sale

The Routehunter team take their diesel Sorrento to Cameron Highlands and join the ancient Land Rovers still plying the plantations up there. They’re impressed with the SUV too, especially on the rainy drive back home. They like the car's versatility and all-round abilities. We'd suggest you go take a look at one of the last few units assembled locally as any further imports are likely to go up in price significantly. 

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