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It's the stuff of legend; the U.S. Army requested a vehicle - and drove off in a hero. The Willys MB, its spirit forged by the fire of combat and honed in the heat of battle, seared its way into the hearts of warriors fighting for freedom.

Fierce emotional bonds often developed between a soldier and his "jeep" 4x4. The faithful MB earned a place in every GI's heart, in every area of combat, in every conceivable role. The tough, simple, Jeep® 4x4 became the GI's best friend - second only to his rifle.

Now we have Jeep in Malaysia and can get our hands the Wranglers and Grand Cherokees. Check out the models below to find out more, or contact the Dealer directly for the latest promos.

The Jeep sensation!

See this video here from Jeep illustrating what the Wrangler can do. You will see what Jeeps were designed for and how you can enjoy the fun of driving one.

At Jeep we now have further models to complete a range of SUV's from the roughWrangler to the more refined Grand Cherokee and the ultimate track monster, the Grand Cherokee SRT. Just browse the selection of cars further below and contact the sales advisors or dealership to get closer to owning a Jeep!

If you don’t see the car you want, click here and we’ll find it for you.

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