The sedan is more or less how modern cars have been since the 1960s. It is practical and cheaper to run than SUV's or trucks, while at the same time fulfilling your needs. If you're not going to drive around in the jungle or ferry constructions stuff around, the sedan is going to fit your needs perfectly, and at lower costs.

To help you in your selection, we have added a few video's from around the world that give you more insight into the differences between the various cars in this segment. This will ensure you are well prepared for the last phase of your car buying project when you meet up with a sale agent of the car(s) you like!

Which one to go for?

Off course that's the question on all of our minds when staring at this segment. There are many cars here and some very good ones too. The challenge is to go for your own choice rather than follow in the footsteps of others or just buy again what you had before... Cars nowadays and especially in this segment, are excellent and have many of the safety features only high-end models had just a few years ago.

How to choose right one

The issue, however, is to find the car that suits you, not the one that suits your friends, your neighbour or anyone else with friendly advice..We suggest you do your own research on our site and focus on what you really need. What will be the prime purpose of the car? Family with young kids? older kids? Or will you mainly do a commute or long drives? Each of the answers will help you towards what's important. We are here to help you if you have any questions. Once you have one or more cars in mind, contact the relevant sales agents listed on the pages here. They are fully knowledgeable and will provide you with a top-notch service towards your new car.

Comparing the higher end

Matt from Carwow compares some of the higher-end cars in this segment in this video here, namely the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-series, Volvo S60 and the Alfa Giulia (which may come to Malaysia...hopefully).

The Volvo pulls the short string here and the BMW wins the contest, though Matt's conclusions may not be yours, as your criteria might be different. Nevertheless, he explains the differences between the cars quite well and gives you a feel for what they are.

Consider resale value?

What's not addressed in the video is resale value. And there the Mercedes will do very well in Malaysia, whereas the Audi may have challenges. This is important to understand if you plan on selling your beloved car in a few years. To reduce the resale value risk, as always, make sure you keep your car in good shape and follow the maintenance guidelines. Used car buyers will consider that.

Now what?

And now, check out some of the below models and book a test drive with their sales agents in your area! Below are the sedans available in Malaysia in no particular order, we suggest you browse around and try some out. After all, you'll get the best feel for a car by simply driving it and letting it convince you. Let the car speak for itself. Why not today?

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