Electric & Hybrid


The future? It is no longer just Tesla that's dominating the market for fully electric vehicles. Other brands are catching up fast, some in China even very fast.. Though for now, we're limited in our choices in Malaysia to Nissan, Honda and Toyota. And these cars are actually mostly hybrids. A few Teslas were imported in 2017. However, the range of choice will expand in the near future with Jaguar introducing the i-Pace next year, and Porsche coming with the Taycan. We will then have something for a variety of budgets.

In Malaysia the quick-charging options are still very limited in public spaces, so it is important you verify the actual range of the car vs your requirements. Nevertheless, for local or city traffic, there's no reason not to go for Electric. The driving experience is quite different and most importantly very silent. Furthermore, the torque of electric cars rivals or surpasses that of supercars, so you can make that expensive Italian or German sportscar look old school! In summary, looking at today's situation in Malaysia, we recommend this type of cars for your daily commute. You'll get a peaceful, quiet, and punchy ride at a price per km that's cheaper than petrol.

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