BMW - Z4

Strengths: Striking design; Light, agile and balanced handling; brilliant infotainment and Isofix connection on passenger seat

Weakness: Silly fake engine noise and alternatives are more fun; Apple CarPlay plan payable

Our view: The Z4 is a stunning looking car and has made a good step forward from its 2nd generation predecessor. The interior is not too much different form that in an 8-Series coupe, so you’ll be happy with that having paid less than half than you would for that car. Of course the performance numbers are not the same, but then again, this car is aimed more towards nice cruising on our winding roads, with the top down. And for that, the car is brilliant. Especially since our Malaysian model, the sDrive30i M Sport, comes with the adaptive dampers and M sport rear differential.

You may find it hard to believe, though under the skin, most stuff is shared with the new Toyota Supra. In order to save development costs, BMW has teamed up with the Japanese giant. In order not to confuse things, BMW and Toyota have decided to not share the same concept, but each take a different model. So BMW makes the convertible in the form of the Z4, and Toyota the coupe, sold as the new Supra. Interestingly enough, the agile driving characteristics of both cars are more BMW than Toyota, which for the sports car aficionados is perhaps a good thing.

Can I customise my Z4?

Yes you can, to some extent. 5 colours are available for the outside and more importantly, 3 leather tans are available for the inside. This may not sound thrilling, though be aware that most BMW’s in Malaysia only get the black interior and the 7 series only has 2 interior colours to choose from. We find the Vernasca Magma Red particularly nice with a Misano Blue or Glacier Silver body paint. Provided you maintain the leather in good condition, this will help later on when selling this car. In addition, thanks to the BMW infotainment system’s options, you can add further services there. Though these will not alter the appearance of the car, they may be very useful. For full details and a demo, we suggest you contact any of the friendly sales agents further below, who will be more than happy to guid you.

Also cool is the wireless charger for whatever needs charging and can do so wirelessly. This is located on the centre console under a retractable sliding panel. The little compartment will light up in blue whenever something is charging.

The roof is no longer a hard-top, but a conventional and much lighter cloth version. This has a positive effect on the car’s handling due to the now lower centre point of gravity. Our Z4, as BMW only brings one model in, namely the sDrive30i M Sport, is equipped with a 2 litre engine, and a larger turbo than the entry level 20i. This larger turbo boosts the performance numbers up to 255hp and 400NM torque, which is available all the way form 1,550 to 4,400rpm and that’s very convenient. Acceleration is therefore quite good and in 5.4 seconds you’ll hit 100kph from a standstill.

When you do press the throttle and the car speeds away, you’ll hear some growling roaring noise. Don't think it is the engine producing that through the tailpipes…this noise comes from the speakers right behind you and actually sounds a bit fake, which it is, unfortunately.

Anything you need to know?

The smart key, called BMW Digital Key, is great, provided you have an Android phone with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. For some reason, BMW didn’t work out the same arrangement with Apple, so if you have an iPhone, you’re out of luck and it doesn’t stop there... the Z4’s Apple CarPlay works on a subscription basis and at delivery is activated for 1 year only. Thereafter you need to top up. For a car priced at nearly half a million ringgit, this is disappointing. Android phone owners still have something to moan about as the Z4 is not equipped with Android Auto.To make things even more complex, only an Android phone can open the car remotely…who came up with this mismatch?

The trunk is 280 liters which doesn’t sound like much but for a convertible car, this is quite good. In part, this is thanks to the soft top that does not fold back into the trunk. A nice weekend trip is not an issue for the ladies who want to bring more than just a bikini. Talking about the soft top, it installs and retracts itself in about 10 seconds, even while driving up to 50kph. This is very useful if you see that rain front coming while driving in busy traffic. Also, wind noise usually associated with convertibles is quite limited on the Z4 which warrants a compliment to the designers in BMW.

So come over to the BMW dealership or contact any of the friendly sales advisors to get more info. Alternatively, why not make use of the Free Concierge Service from Motor2U and let us help you in every step of the way? Contact us now!

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