BMW - X7

Strengths: High quality interior, true 7-seater and fun to drive

Weakness: Not easy to park, design may not please everybody and high price

Our view: Once you get passed that enormous grill on the hood of the car, you’ll see a very imposing car that in regard to looks, trumps its peers such as the Mercedes GLS or perhaps even the Range Rover. Its major asset though is the sheer luxury of the X7 and the true 3rd row making this car a genuine 7-seater.

Few if any of the competition is as solid and well built inside as the X7 and you’ll hardly find anything that’s made of simple plastic. The infotainment system is BMW’s latest version and still has the rotary controller, though you can also manage it via touch on the 12” screen and by voice commands.

In the below video, our friend Doug DeMuro reviews the X7 for us. The model he’s looking at is the same as available in Malaysia, with the exception that our is the 7-seater whereas the car in the video is the 6-seater. The rest is the same.

Is it really that good?

The instrument cluster is fully adjustable on the 12” digital screen. Very clear picture, which shows the GPS maps in crips detail. Apple’s CarPlay is included, though just like in some other BMW’s, the X7 is devoid of Android Auto. Nobody knows why, but this seems a weird oversight for a super luxurious car like the X7 as if none of its buyers would use an Android type phone.

In Malaysia we only get to choose from the xDrive40i, which is equipped with the same engine as the X5 we get here, the 6 cylinder 3 litre engine, producing 335hp and 450Nm torque. The latter is needed to make the heavy 2,320Kg car move around. Since it is the same engine as in the X5 and with 200kg more weight, it is no surprise performance numbers are a bit lower, though still a very respectable 6.1 seconds to get to 100kph and a top speed of 245kph. Not bad. Then again you don’t go racing in a 7-seater, so you want that power to move smoothly and swiftly through traffic and that, my friends, the X7 is doing with great skill.

Anything you need to know?

The front seats on this beast are perforated to allow ventilation to keep your behind cool. Very useful in our steamy weather! The doors don't need to be slammed closed like in simple cars for the masses. Not in the X7 though, the doors are closed using a suction mechanism for a soft and smooth door closing process. Gently push the door closed and you'll feel the system taking over the effort..nice!

You also get BMW’s Connected Package Professional, which is designed to make your life easy. For instance, it can call the emergency services in case of an accident, it provides Concierge Services and the likes. This by itself is worth a trip to the deanship to try it out.

Is this car for you? The X7 clearly fills a tiny niche in Malaysia. Yes, it is a 7-seater, but if that’s your main issue, an Alphard or Vellfire can do the job and will leave you with a fortune to spare. So if you want to stand out in the sea of these large 7-seater Toyota’s, the answer is here in the form of an X7.

So come over to the BMW dealership or contact any of the friendly sales advisors to get more info. Alternatively, why not make use of the Free Concierge Service from Motor2U and let us help you in every step of the way? Contact us now!

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