BMW - X5

Strengths: Powerful 6-cylinder engine, electric range, excellent finishing and fun to drive, considering its an SUV

Weakness: Heavy car and no Android Auto

Our view: The X5 is the driver’s car in the segment of larger SUVs and is deservedly carrying the BMW badge. It is sportier than the Audi Q7 and the Mercedes GLE, though will find more than its match in the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. Though these latter two are in a vastly different price range. Hence, the X5 is very much the leader in its category. Both on the outside as well as on the inside, excellent quality materials have been used making the car feel a very good deal considering the price you paid. We’re also quite happy BMW still provides a rotary controller to navigate through the menus of the car. If you want, you can manage the system via voice or touch, though we prefer the dial as that will allow you to keep your eyes on the road and avoid any misunderstandings with the “voice”.

An absolute beauty is the screen where the dials used to be. This is 12.3” of information that you can adjust and manipulate as you want it. is it all perfect on the X5? No..BMW decided to charge you for Apple CarPlay beyond the first year of ownership and Android Auto isn’t even on offer. That’s outright bad Mr BMW...

Which model to go for?

That choice has been made for us as BMW only brings in one model at this time. The xDrive45e M Sport is on sale for RM448,800..though we benefit till end 2020 from a tax holiday, which reduces the price by about RM8,000! This is about RM170,000 cheaper than the earlier model, the xDrive40i M Sport which did not have the electromotor that the 45e does... Nevertheless, we do get the 6-cylinder 3 litre engine and that makes up for the Android Auto debacle. This engine also has a nice roar to it when you push the throttle. In our market where you want people to see you spend some serious money, this is not unimportant. With this engine also come 394 horses, and more importantly, 600Nm of torque (these numbers are the combined ones for the petrol and electric motors). And that’s more than enough to propel the X5 from 0 to 100 in 5.6 seconds..that was supercar acceleration not too long ago…and even more impressive considering the car’s weight is 2,435kg.

Fuel consumption is optimistic at 2 litres per 100km, which may be achievable if you keep most of the 394 combined horses at rest, though once these are woken up, count on this mileage to change drastically. Inside there’s still plenty of space, though some is taken up by the batteries, and tall people will have no issue sitting in the back for long trips.

Like its interior space, the X5’s trunk is still generous, despite the loss to the batteries. An Audi Q7’s trunk is about 30% bigger with the rear seats in place, but in reality, a family will have all the room they need. You’ll have no problem getting three large suitcases inside, a pushchair or a couple of sets of golf clubs. The rear seats fold in a useful 40:20:40 split using buttons located just inside the trunk on either side. Once down, they lie almost flat, which together with the split tailgate means sliding long items such as bikes inside and to the front is easy work.

Anything you need to know?

Apple CarPlay is chargeable after 1 year of ownership at around RM500 per year...and Android Auto is not even on the menu. So keep this in mind if that's what you want in your next car.

The Diver’s Assistant Package you get standard is very good and includes front collision warning (with auto emergency braking), lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear crossing traffic and rear collision warning. To top this up, you also get the Parking Assist feature that will guide you into these tight spots, whether parallel or perpendicular.

The X5 has grown quite a bit from its earlier variants. Not surprising considering that the current X3 is about the same size as the first-generation X5, so just like children, these X’s grow larger!

The split tailgate is unique to the X5 and with it all being operated electrically. Thanks to the split, you can worry about having enough space behind the car.

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