BMW - X3

Strengths: Quiet, spacious and large trunk

Weakness: Missing modern safety features and not cheap

Our view: The X3 is a direct competitor to Audi’s Q5 and Mercedes GLC and from the outside looks like the more aggressive of the trio. If you want your car to have a presence, the X3 certainly gives you that. Inside, the facelift model has a more defined front with eh larger grill, and also the rear has received an updated with new lights. However, most of the other changes from the pre-facelift are technical and this translates in an easier and more relaxing drive.

BMW stayed true to its original by giving the X3 great driver characteristics. You will enjoy driving this car and if that’s a key issue for you, be aware that it beats the Q5 and GLC in this department. Of course, we recommend you to check this out for yourself by arranging a test drive with any of the friendly sales agents hereunder.

Which model to go for?

We have 2 variants to choose from, the xDrive 30i Luxury (at RM313,800), or M Sport (at RM328,800). Both cars come with the same 252hp engine that also produces 350Nm of torque. The latter is what you want plenty of as this makes you accelerate fast from a standstill or comes in use for that quick overtake. From the outside, the Luxury has more chrome stylings, whereas the M Sport has these elements in black except for the wheel arches. These are, on the M Sport, in the colour of the body and hence give the car some more character. Interestingly enough, it is the opposite inside the car, where the M Sport gets the brushed aluminium looks and the Luxury more black.

So what is different you might ask yourself other than the cosmetics? Well, the steering wheel on the M Sport is the sportier looking version and on the M Sport you get better suspension which you’ll feel on spirited drives. On the flip side, this means you will also feel those potholes and other things on some of our less than fantastic roads.

Anything you need to know?

The M Sport has the GPS system integrated into the cockpit dash, which is quite cool. The Luxury has its GPS in the touch screen centre console. a minor difference..

You’ll notice we didn’t talk about any safety features that you may have seen on other models and brand. That’s simply because the X3 doesn’t;t come with any. Or at least not the ones you might have come to expect from a car in this price range. Lane departure, or blind sport monitoring etc are all alien to the X3 and this is a great miss. For a similar price, you get all these features in the Q5 and the GLC. Unless you’re really hooked on the X3, we suggest you at least also have a look at these other 2 Germans before you make up your mind.

So come over to the BMW dealership or contact any of the friendly sales advisors to get more info. Alternatively, why not make use of the Free Concierge Service from Motor2U and let us help you in every step of the way? Contact us now!

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