BMW - X2

Strengths: Strong engine with nice sound (in the M35i), high quality materials, good handling and surprisingly useful

Weakness: Firm ride, cabin interior is a bit dated, expensive (due to being CBU) and road noise is clearly present

Our view: The 2 versions BMW Malaysia brings in are both with 2 litre engines, though one is the standard sDrive20i M Sport (RM324,800) and the other, the much more powerful M35i (RM398,800). We focus a bit more on the latter as this is by far the more fun of the two, and has more potential for our Malaysian market despite its higher price tag.

The M35i has been in the hands of the M people in BMW and this lead to a really fun and sporty car. In part thanks to its all-wheel drive system, it has all the characteristics of a sporty hot-hatch and will corner like a true sports car. It comes with 306hp and 450Nm. This is sufficient we feel, albeit it is less than the previous version that had a 6-cylinder engine. This engine propels the car from standstill to 100kph in 4.9s. This was supercar territory not that long ago.. The limited-slip differential also helps you put the power down early so you accelerate nicely out of each turn. This will be fun driving on our mountain roads.

Which model to go for?

So which of the 2 models should you focus on? Of course, it depends entirely on your needs. The reason we like the M35i more is in part due to its price not being a crazy amount more than that of the 20i M Sport, and you get quite a bit extra for this amount. If you’re serious about the 20i M Sport, we suggest you also have a look at the X3 as that comes in on a price level below that of the 20i M Sport. So you may wonder why BMW Malaysia even bothered bringing in the smaller, less powered, front wheel drive only 20i and price it above the X3 xDrive30i Luxury?

The interior of the X2 hasn’t kept up with the technical advances and actually looks a little dull and dated. Ok, the sport seats in the M35i are cool and hug you nicely, though the dashboard remained analogue, like in the X1. It remains to be seen whether Audi will bring in the SQ2, as that may prove a formidable competitor with both its performance level and flashy modern interior.

Anything you need to know?

The 470-litre trunk, covered with a powered tailgate, is class-leading, so that’s good news. The rear seats can be pushed down in 40/60 arrangements which gives you some flexibility. The rear seats are also fine for 2 people, and a 3rd might actually be ok too, provided he or she is tiny. But other cars in this segment do have more space in the rear. The X2 is great for 2 in the back, with the armrest pulled down. Both will be comfortable. Also, installing a baby-seat is not the easiest as the rear doors do not open very wide, so you’ll struggle a bit. Oh, and as you can see in the above video, the trunk cover plate does not fit in the compartment underneath. Only a small adjustment in design would have allowed for that. Clearly a missed item on the punch-list.

X2 comes with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, with a free scheduled service programme and a two-year tyre warranty programme.

People with an Android phone are out of luck, as the X2 doesn’t connect any of these to its infotainment system. You need an iPhone and even that is not without issues as that functionality is subscription-based and costs some money each year to keep running.

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