BMW - X1

Strengths: Well build, plenty of space in the rear, excellent auto gearbox and Isofix connections on front passenger seat

Weakness: Dials are still analogue and .

Our view: The X1 is a decent driver’s car but not the best in its segment of compact SUV’s. The philosophy of BMW to go for front-wheel drive on the 1 series, including this X1, is the price to pay for some more room in the rear and lower costs, but do we want that? The dash is still analogue and interior looks are a little dated, even though we’re dealing with the 2020 model. Other than this, the car is still a BMW, so you do get that German quality.

The trunk of the X1 is the largest in its class, bigger than the Audi Q3 or the Volvo XC40 by about 80 litres, which is a decent size bag so for that family trip with a baby, this extra space is very useful. Also, putting the rear seats down is done by a button on the rear, very convenient.

In the below video from Chasing Cars, the xDrive25i is reviewed, so not the sDrive20i that we have in Malaysia, though the basics are very similar. 2 points to note that are different for these 2 models. One is the engine of course (and associated AWD) and two, the infotainment screen in the video is the larger one of the two that the X1 can come with. Unfortunately for us, BMW Malaysia specced our X1 with the small screen.

Should I get the X1?

We get one model to choose from in Malaysia, the sDrive20i M Sport (RM233,800), so this removes some of the headaches when choosing a new car. Overall, the X1 is a BMW, so expectations are naturally high. The question is whether these are met and how the competition has come around. To drive, the X1 is solid and does the job. Its 2-litre engine produces about 192PS above 5,000rpm and more importantly, 280Nm of torque. This is quite ok and makes you hit 100kph in 7.6 seconds. Some other brands in Malaysia have chosen to go for smaller capacity engines, but luckily, this X1 still has its 2 litres with turbo. Fuel consumption is very decent at 6.5l/100km, though this may be tricky to match on our roads.

Luckily the Malaysian X1 is equipped with the M package which means a more aggressive look, and also has the M sport suspension. The latter is good for a spirited drive home after having dropped the kids off at school…it is a BMW after all!

Anything you need to know?

The run-flat tyres are not very comfortable and quite noisy once you hit highway like speeds. So for city driving this is not a concern, though if you plan on using the car for long drives a lot, then this noise can or will get on your nerves.

The X1 strangely enough, does not come with any driver assistance systems. For instance, the autonomous emergency braking that you find on many cars nowadays, is notably absent on the X1.

The car has USB ports, but note these are of the USB-C type. That’s fine for a lot of things, but phones and the likes still are mostly charged using a conventional USB-A socket.

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