BMW - 8 Series

Strengths: Very quick, Comfortable on long drives, awesome sound and sportier than most large four-seaters GT's

Weakness: Cramped back seats. thirsty twin-turbo V8 engine and some peers are more special inside

Our view: Perhaps not the wolf in sheep clothes with the aggressive looks already in place, but this idea does pop up when pressing the accelerator in the M850i, the only model imported in Malaysia other than the 4-door Grand Coupe. It is very quick considering it has 4 seats and is not exactly light. The interior is very well built and with the Merino leather seats, your behind is in good hands. Compared to more expensive rivals like the Bentley Continental GT, the M850i is maybe lacking some poshness, but it makes up for that by sheer practicality. There’s a lot of space in front, and in the seats behind you can actually have 2 youngsters join your drive. They need to be young and flexible as getting in and out is not easy. The car looks longer than a Porsche 911, but the rear seat situation is quite similar, unfortunately. On the flip side, this means the trunk is larger, so some luggage can be brought with. especially if you put the rear seats down.

The huge infotainment touchscreen display is easy to use, fast, intuitive and the reference in the segment. In the video below, Matt Watson of Carwow shows both the 840 as well all the 850 (from 7 min 50 sec onwards) on a journey from the UK through France to Megeve. You get a feel for the car’s practicality, which is quite impressive.

Who’s this car for?

Thats a good question, considering the price tag of just north of 1 million ringgit which will probably make the market not too big. Nevertheless, in the US BMW sold about 5,000 8-series coupes, so some should find an owner in Malaysia as well, especially considering our petrol is lowly priced. The car is excellent for the longer journeys, so going to Singapore, Penang or Kuantan is a breeze and since you can actually take some luggage with, it's also a good holiday car for a very well to do couple with no kids. Although the rear seats have Isofix connections so a baby seat does fit, provided you manage to install it. If that is an issue, there's also the newly released 840i Grand Coupe. This was in not only available at a lower price, coming in at RM968,800 before the tax holiday, it also has more room. in the back.

Bentley, Aston or the Beemer?

If you are in the market for a car like this, the competition is Aston Martin, Bentley and Mercedes although the latter may not introduce its S-Class coupe in Malaysia, and that’s good news for the M850i as this means one hell of a peer less to worry about. The 8-er will trump the Aston DB11 for practicality, though perhaps not for looks. The Aston wins the department. Then there’s the Bentley which is still struggling a bit with its weight and lack of outright sportiveness which the potential buyer that also likes to floor his car up to Genting will mind. So the M850i xDrive should be able to find its place on our streets. We sure hope so as the sound of the V8 us just awesome.

Anything you need to know?

The car key fob uses a battery that can be charged wirelessly in front of the cupholders in the middle console. This is quite useful as it will help avoid the annoying situation of a key fob that doesn’t work due to low battery…On the other hand, the little screen on the key fob is quite slow-moving between options and the whole thing is rather large so will take lots of space in your pocket.

The Laser headlights are very bright and shine as far as 600m in front while making sure they do not blind oncoming traffic. Smart right? Furthermore, the front seats have ventilation, which means you’ll be driving very comfortably at your destination.

Check out the 4-door coupe that has just been released. It may surprise you and could be the more practical choice.

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