BMW - 6 Series GT

Strengths: Comfortable in front and back, fast and quit posh inside

Weakness: Looks may not please everyone and no smooth 6-cylinder available in Malaysia

Our view: This is most likely a car that you’ll drive yourself as an owner and your win luck then. Everything is well built, using solid materials. Even the plastic under the door sides feels like its made from the better stuff. Also, the trim looks luxury and the mood lighting, both in front as well as in the back, is the icing on the cake.

The leather on the seats is of q better quality than you’ll find in the lower series and the seats in front are also designed such that you really feel like they hug you. The view from the car is also excellent, mostly as a result of it being slightly higher than the other cars built on the same platform, being the 5 and 7 series. As a result, there is ample space everywhere. So if you were looking at a 5-Series but have to ferry 3 adults in the back, this car is the one to have.

The video here from Hot on Wheels could have bene done better, but the essence of the car is shown as well as some nice shots of the interior and its details.

Which model to go for?

Again we’re dealt with very little choice, if any. BMW Malaysia only bothered to bring in the 630i GT, with the 2 litre 4-cylinder engine, which for a heavy car is soso. Nevertheless, even though the car is long and heavy, it actually drives quite smooth. It was designed for the longer trips and that’s obvious when you cruise down the highway. But, on occasion, you want to go up to Genting. The 6 GT can adjust itself into sport mode and becomes a different car. The steering beams heavier and sharper, and the car also lowers itself a bit to improve handling. So you can make that trip up into the maintains quite fun, or take the long way up from Ulu Yam.

Anything you need to know?

The Active Cruise Control with the stop&go function is quite useful on our jam packed roads. You will quickly get used to the great feature!

The previous version, was a 7 series with a 5-series badge. This time around BMW gave the GT its own number, though it still shares the platform with the 5 and this gives it some advantages as you still get some 7-series goodies for a lower price. If only you can live with the looks then you’re fine.

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