BMW - 5 Series

Strengths: Fantastic interior design, build quality and plenty space in the rear, even for tall people

Weakness: Outside very little changed, no more 6-cylinder engines for Malaysia and not as fun to drive as a Jaguar XF

Our view: The BMW 5-Series is a very capable executive sedan, gutsier than a Mercedes E-Class and more high-tech stuffed than an Audi A6. The folks in Munich managed to build a very solid car that may not have the classy lines of the E-class but makes up for it with an excellent drive, provided the car is equipped with the adaptive dampers, which in our case includes the 530e M Sport (RM338,800, with the “e” standing for hybrid) and 530i M Sport (RM372,800) models. The 520i (RM328,800) does not come with the adaptive dampers, as a result, its run-flat tyres make the ride quite a bit less comfortable. So we suggest you aim for either of the 530 models and will not be disappointed!

For some reason, the seats are not meant to have jeans rubbing against them. They’ll get dirty quickly and will wear out on the edges. You’d have thought that by now someone would have come up with a design to take care of that, but not yet so it seems. Also, the security wheel bolts (special bolts that keep your rims attached tot he car) are great as they ensure you will not part with your rims unplanned, though if you lose the key or forget it when going to a tyre shop, it will be more than a nuisance.

Which model to go for?

We suggested further up to aim for either of the 530 models, of which the plug-in hybrid only cost rm10k more than the 520i and you’ll get a lot more for it in return (and you can park at the premium charging spots in some malls). The infotainment system is the reference in its class. It’s quick and easy to navigate through its numerous menus using the knob on the centre console, and you can also use voice and gesture control features. Although that will look funny for other drivers on the road. Nevertheless, the system itself is far easier to use than what you’ll get in either a Mercedes E-Class or Audi A6.

Space in the back is ample and your passengers get good headroom and plenty of knee and legroom – even tall people. There’s more shoulder room for carrying three in the rear than you’ll find in an E-Class but the BMW’s rather hard, raised middle seat and a huge lump in the floor mean the Mercedes may be the one to go for if you have 3 large kids..

The 5-Series is impressively comfortable for city driving. The 520i soaks up large bumps with ease and the M Sport cars aren’t quite as relaxing, thanks to their larger alloy wheels and lowered suspension, but the adaptive dampers help them stay settled over even the most monstrous potholes.

Anything you need to know?

Unsurprisingly, the 5-Series is very safe too. Euro NCAP awarded it an impressive five-star safety rating in 2017. This makes it one of the safest cars on sale and well worth considering if you’re looking for a smart sedan that’s relaxing to drive and comes packed with high-tech features.

If you’re a petrolhead, you might be disappointed to learn the 5-Series doesn’t come with a manual gearbox. Nevertheless, the standard eight-speed automatic is so smooth and responsive you won’t miss changing gears yourself.

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