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The 4-Series is, unfortunately, no longer available from BMW in Malaysia at this time. We had a reasonable range of models available, namely the 420i Sport, 430i M Sport and M4 and perhaps there are still some Deals left. Alternatively, the wait will be for the new model that should come around later in 2020. However, the pictures did make it to Malaysia, including that immense thing in front of the new 4-series. Note that the M4 is available, and is reviewed with its other M-peers in the M-Series section. So please look there if it's the M version you're after!

Can we live with that grill?

In the video various peopel from the BMW company explain what the new 4-series is about. At about 5 minutes into the video, the car is taken to the track and you can see how it perfoms. It's what we have to go by for now till we get the actual car in Malaysia later this year. Quite some radical changes design-wise from the previous 4-Series, though you'll surely recognize some things like to monstrous grill, that we also find these days on the 7-series.. anyhow, have a look at the video!

Our bet is that gradually we will start to get used and perhaps even like that large grill. The boys and girls back in the BMW design studios are not crazy and know how our minds work. We just need to find a solution for the registration number on the front. Luckily our are black, bu still... Nevertheless, we look forward to welcoming the new 4'er in the flesh!

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