BMW - 2 Series

Strengths: Comfortable, great infotainment system and rock-solid interior quality

Weakness: Headroom in the back and dim digital dash

Our view: The cool looks and name of the 2 Series Gran Coupé cannot hide the fact it is actually a 1 Series with a bigger trunk and sloped roof. The front is identical so you need to see the silhouette or rear of the car to realise it’s actually not a 1 Series. Nevertheless, this concept of stretching the origin hatchback has been done before. Just think of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and the Audi A3 sedan. Does this mean it is not a good car? No! Don’t get us wrong. The 2 Series Gran Coupé is well built and, just like the 1 Series, has an excellent infotainment system and comfortable ride that you can expect in this price range. So we still think this is an excellent car!

Which model to go for?

That’s been made very simple by BW Malaysia as only one model is offered, the 218i M Sport at RM218,800 (and during the tax holiday this is lowered to RM211,367). This one comes with a, hold your breath…, 3 cylinder 1.5-litre engine. Who would have thought a company like BMW, known for making sheer driving pleasure, would show up with a 3-cylinder car? Though this is not new at all as the i8 already had this engine when it was introduced many years ago. Once you’ve tried it, and felt its very potent torque, allowing reasonable quick acceleration, you’ll be quite fine with this little jewel.

The driving of this car is actually quite ok, despite what you may think of its 1.5 litre engine with front-wheel drive. With a passenger or not too much luggage, the driving dynamics are fine. However, when you carry more people around you’ll be reminded of the limited capacity of the engine. Driving uphill for instance will require downshifting to remain in the right torque range. So for any sporty morning drive up to Genting, don’t bring the whole family along! Of course for city roaming, like most of us will do in the Gran Coupé, this is not an issue.

BMW have retained the rotary dial controller near the gearbox lever and that’s still the easiest way to operate the infotainment system and all the other features the car has. To us, it’s a mystery why other brands moved away completely from such controller (i.e. Volvo) at the expense of ease and safety.

Anything you need to know?

The car is equipped with wireless Charing so no more issues with old or new USB cables required..and to make it even more better, the wireless charger can be taken without of the car, so you can keep charging your phone while away from the car…isn't that smart?

There’s an option to allow your phone to serve as a key to open the car. Though for some reason it only exists for Android phones..hello!

Visibility around is fine in the front, though looking back it is less brilliant and mainly due to the design. Similarly, the CLA suffers from this same issue. Not a major thing and perhaps one of the few lesser points of this otherwise nice car.

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