Choosing a Boxster or Cayman, what to look for? Including advice by Tengku Djan.

By Mike
4 May 21, 4:38 pm
Choosing a Boxster or Cayman, what to look for? Including advice by Tengku Djan.

Most of us mortals that buy a new car never get to tick any boxes with cool specs to personalise our new ride. This is different when buying a new Porsche, which you can actually spec to infinite detail. To give you an idea, the options list is a few pages long and has tons of boxes to tick. Some are just nice to have, like carbon fibre sills or contrasting stitchings on the seats, but these don’t really change the way the car drives. Other options are quite important and some even make a difference in the resale value of your Porsche once the love has cooled a bit (for instance when a younger model shows up...).

So what does Tengku Djan say?..

So what are these options that are supposed to be “must-haves”. To get some understanding of this important topic, we have asked the “Prince of drift”, aka Tengku Djan, for what he feels is needed when buying a 718. The video here, nicely filmed by the boys from Notion Oven, shows Tengku Djan and Doc from Motor2U go over the choices one has when in the market for 718s. They are looking at 2 Boxsters and 2 Caymans at Karrus Private Garage in similar price ranges but differently spoused. Have a look and tell us if you agree!

..and what are "must-haves" options?

So what’s important if you ask me? Well, for starters, you need the Sports Chrono pack. This will give the car a bit more oomph, in particular, if you also have the PASM, the active suspension management. This will allow the car to be lowered and adjusts the stiffness depending on the driving mode. You can easily spot any Porsche equipped with the Chrono Pack when it has that little analogue clock on the dashboard above the air vents. So make sure whichever one you get has this option! Whereas the Sports Chrono is a must for me, the PASM is nice to have. The standard suspension is good enough for most drivers and some may even prefer it. See also the images further below.

Those 4-dot LED headlights?

Another option to break your head over is the front lights. You may have noticed some Porsches have these 4 dotted headlights and some don’t. Well, there’re 3 options. The base Xenon is already good. The issue is, Porsche offers very cool LED additions, called PDLS and PDLS Plus. PDLS gives you Xenon plus 4 dots on the Xenon lamp (they're doing the daylight running), whereas the PDLS Plus gives you LED headlights with 4 separate dots. All versions will light the road ahead when rotating the steering wheel and give greater perspective further ahead as well as on the side at intersections. However, the LED’s do give noticeably more light, making your night drives safer… Also, note that the PDLS Plus requires Porsche Communication Management as it uses GPS and a memorised map, so this may not work everywhere in Malaysia.

Engine size?

Remember the saying “There’s no substitute for cubic inches”? If it would be that simple, the choice between a 2.0 or 2.5-litre engine is a no-brainer. However, Porsche folks are smart and both engine options actually have their pro’s. We should actually be more concerned with the torque these engines produce, which will affect your ride the most. Acceleration is torque, not hp. And both engines are perfectly ok in this department. Hence, this is more a choice about what you prefer and whether the top speed is important. The lighter 2.0 is enough for most of us to have fun. If you want to try out Sepang a few times and set good lap times, the 2.5 is the way to go.

The options list goes on and on, but the above few are the important ones that will affect the resale value and worth considering! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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