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Strengths: Extremely powerful and practical cars, modest looks so you can pass by unnoticed if needed and only the true Audi sports cars get the RS badge, unlike Mercedes and BMW that put AMG or M on a lot of models, of which quite some don’t really deserve it.

Weakness: Price..and perhaps for some of us the sounds of the V8

Our view: If ever there has been a Swiss knife of cars, it is any of the Audi RS models you can get your hands on. In particular, the Avant models are what you can rightfully call Wolf in Sheep clothes..The perfect car to pick up the kids from school, do groceries and on the way home take a spin on Sepang, or show that Porsche at the traffic light what you can do..your kids will love it! Jokes aside, the RS cars are the solution for those that see practicality as well as true sportiveness in one car. From than angle, you buy one car have one insurance, pay one road tax sticker etc..and you get at least two.

The history of the RS lineup started in the ‘80s after Audi won numerous rally championships with the iconic Audi Quattro, which boasted one of the first truly competent all-wheel-drive systems in production cars. The Quattro drivetrain was so influential that Audi chose to install it in all of its top of the line models.

Videos better than words…

LEt’s have a look at the Avants first, the RS4 and its bigger brother the RS6. The first video is by Rory Reid, who’s showing off the RS4. You’ll get to see how practical that car actually is in the Moroccan countryside and how he feels it stacks against the bigger RS's. Note the beautiful Sonoma Green Metallic colour. Next is Stef from ABtv, giving us his impression of the RS6. It’s clear he’s very impressed.. However, see if you hear the difference in engine sound between the RS4 and the RS6 and let us know what you like most.

Why would you buy this car?

The first video is just 4 minutes of eye-watering candy in the form of the RS5 Sportback. No talking, so you can enjoy the engine sound and focus on what you’ll get. Note the interior and engine are the same as for the RS4, so driving and features can also be checked in the first video above. We just think you’ll like listening to this awesome sound.. Next comes the RS7 Sportback, looked at by Rory Reid, who also checked the RS4. We’re again in Morocco and Rory puts the RS7 on sime nice winding roads. Have a look for yourself is this is the car for you!

Is the RS a practical car?

It absolutely is, as mentioned before. In particular, the Avants, thought the Sportbacks only differ in a bit less storage space to carry stuff around. If you’ve only 1 parking bay at home and you have a wife, with perhaps a few kids, the RS4 or RS6 are the perfect cars for you. Without the kids, and just the wife, the Sportbacks are the ones to look at.

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