Audi - Q7

Strengths: Practicality and luxurious, roomy and cool tech

Weakness: Looks may not please everyone, limited changes from earlier model and in 7-seater trim there’s little room in the back

Our view: The new Audi Q7 takes the outgoing car’s tried-and-tested recipe of impressive practicality and high levels of comfort and adds plenty of modern tech and some sharp new looks, provided you like them!

The Q7 is supposedly a new variant in the series, though it is perhaps better seen as a serious face-lift. The looks are different, though under the skin much less so. Having said that, and once you’re used to the not so elegant shape (we like the Q8 much more), the nice materials and design highlight the Q7's interior, as do the smart layout of the controls and comfortable seats that feature both great support and adjustability. It is an Audi after all...

Which model to go for?

Again Audi Malaysia has made our life easy by just importing one variant, the 3-litre V6 (RM599,900 before tax holiday). Even if the smaller engines or diesels would have made to our shores, we’d still recommended you opt for the V6. It gives ample power which you will need to move this beast around, in particular, if you fill it up with people. We get the 7-seater, which leaves little space for luggage, unfortunately. Also, the 3rd row is a bit cramped and therefore more suitable for kids or very small people.

The car comes standard with run-flat tyres, which sounds like a nice to have gimmick, though it is unlikely you’ll ever need them. The inherent price you pay for these tyres is in a reduced comfort level and that’s felt every time you drive the car. So we suggest you either opt-out of these tyres or get normal ones when the car needs new rubbers.

Driving the Q7 is fun. The balance is quite good and with the rear steering, you would forget you’re actually navigating a 2+ ton beast! However, the mileage you get is miserable. Audi claims a very healthy 7.9 litre per 100km, though we wonder how that was achieved. A bit sporty drive will set you back into a range of 12-13 litres which makes more sense considering the weight of this car and the 3-litre engine.

Anything you need to know?

Rear luggage space in 7-seat configuration is practically non-existent at 195 litres. So keep that in mind.

Space in front is also scarce, so any large cups won’t fit in the holders and storage for anything but the smallest of items is a challenge. How did Audi come up with this?

Driving is good, so if you need a car for say 5 people, then the Q7 is a good one to consider. Very comfortable and smooth to drive those long trips to Penang on Singapore with. If that’s what you need a car for, then go check the Q7!

So come over to the Audi dealership or contact any of the friendly sales advisors to get more info. Alternatively, why not make use of the Free Concierge Service from Motor2U and let us help you in every step of the way? Contact us now!


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