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Strengths: Bang on up-to-date new Q3 premium compact SUV from Audi. Fabulous cabin with virtual display cockpit and huge central touchscreen. Amazing feelgood experience

Weakness: Seems expensive for a 1.4 Turbo engine but performance is fine with 150bhp. CKD rivals are a size up again...

Our view: Audi Malaysia’s new big hope. The Q3 competes size wise with the BMW X1 and Merc GLA but priced between the X1 and X3 models at RM269,000. A big improvement over the previous Q3, you will find the latest Audi interiors and exterior design language in this excellent crossover SUV

Should I really spend so much on a small SUV?

Dom from Autobuzz Malaysia gives a very through summary of the new Q3 in Audi Malaysia’s showroom. You can see that he really likes the car and as he gets to see quite a lot of different vehicles, this is to the Q3’s credit.

Just launched in Malaysia at the end of 2019, the new Q3 is a very important car for the new Audi Malaysia group which is being managed by Audi Singapore. It’s a car in the hottest car segment of all which is that of the crossover SUV, the current lifeblood of every major car manufacturer.

Choosing a sub-RM300k car would appear to be a wise move. The premium car choices at this price range not only include the other crossover SUVs but also the traditional 3-box saloons like the BMW 3-Series and Merc C-Class. If you go the Audi Q3 route, you get a 1.4 TSI power plant for RM269k with 150bhp and 250Nm of torque from only RM1500rpm. Front wheel drive only and the car does the 0-100kmh in 8.9 secs and up to a top speed of 207kmh. Fuel consumption is claimed to be 7.2l/100km but we find that a little bit optimistic.

Anything you need to know?

Based on VW group’s new MQB platform, the new Q3 is longer, wider and lower than the previous model. The exterior is very attractive with the updated Audi grille, aluminium roof rails and sexy 18”alloy rims but as ever, Audi tend to look better with even bigger wheels. A standout feature is the remote foot operated electric rear tailgate. You get lots of space up front and back and the new interior gives you quite a lot of wow factor both in the showroom and also everyday usage

Congratulations to Audi Malaysia for the new Q3. It’s a fresh new Audi for Malaysia which deserves to do well.

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