Aston Martin - Vantage

Strengths: Build quality, Excellent (Mercedes) infotainment and engine, very fast shifting ZF gearbox

Weakness: Lacking some distinctive identity inside the cabin with the many parts borrowed from Mercedes..though this is not necessary bad and saves costs

Our view: Despite paying a lot for things you get in a cheaper Mercedes-Benz AMG, the combination of the pearls from AMG with the ZF gearbox and stylish British design, more than make up for the difference in price. furthermore, driving an Aston is more than just handling raw racing breed, it is a statement of style that you won’t make in a Porsche or even a Ferrari. The cooperation with Mercedes may not last and it is very likely the next Astons will be powered by an in-house designed V6 hybrid. So this may be the moment to get your hands on a true gem of a car.

In the below video, Steve Hammes gives us a short review of the Vantage, its interior and some driving impressions. You get a quick feel for the car. The variant we get in Malaysia has a slightly larger infotainment screen. Other than that, what you see is what you'll get!

Which model to go for?

We get only 1, so that saves us from the headache of what to choose… Then again, Aston is one of the few brands in Malaysia that you can spec if you want to go that route. Of course, that’s when the OTR price starts to gain some serious weight. The Vantage we get starts at RM678,000, though before you run over to the showroom and place your orders, note this is excluding duties and taxes! But if you can park the car in Langkawi and are fine bringing it in 3 months of the year, then you have a great car at a reasonable price.

The car lacks most if not all the moderns gimmicks you get with other fancy cars like adaptive cruise control, heads-up display, adaptive headlights, etc, though you do get a very useful 360-camera that helps you get in and out of tight spaces.

Anything you should know?

When you share the car with another driver, the one annoying thing of the Vantage is the seat adjustment buttons.. As in all Aston’s, these are mounted on the side of the centre console, away from the door. So you first have to get in the car to and only then can you choose your preset or adjustment.

The sound is best when stationary or driving at low speed. The grumbling and popping exhaust is then just a feast for the ears. So you’ll surely get heads turned around when lowly driving up and down the boulevard… At higher revs, it is still ok, though the sound lacks the high pitch of an NA engine

No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is available. The Mercedes based infotainment system is excellent, though you get an older variant so connecting your phone will still need to be done the old way. No cool interface with apps on the screen.

So come over to the Aston Martin dealership or contact any of the friendly sales advisors to get more info. Alternatively, why not make use of the Free Concierge Service from Motor2U and let us help you in every step of the way? Contact us now!

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