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The ride of James Bond has evolved over time and some serious work has been done to make the cars look awesome and reliable too! Who doesn't remember the iconic DB5 with Sean Connery at the wheel? For forward to 2020's and the brand now has a strong connection with the Red Bull Racing team, showing Aston's great ambitions to be seen as a sportive and aggressive young brand.

The new models, designed in-house and no longer relying on Ford stuff, are cool looking cars and merit their place in the line-up of super-cars. In all fairness we need to point out the engines are coming from Mercedes, though that is not a bad thing. With that F1 team collecting WCC's now for some years running, Aston can benefit from having strong engines.

Recently Lawrence Stroll took a big stake in the company and a link with the Racing Point F1 team is only a matter of time. To make things even more complicating, considering the long term agreement Aston has with Red Bull, is that Toto Wolff, part-owner of the Mercedes AMG F1 team also took a stake in Aston Martin. making any shareholder meeting an interesting event to follow! How all this affects the brand remains to be seen, though it can only be good news when strong new partners join the team. The future looks bright!

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